What Causes Pain in Left Breast in Men

As a rule any issues a person might have regarding his breasts are usually not introduced up. This is because of fashionable societies infatuation with breasts on girls.

There are numerous causes for ache beneath the left breast in males, starting from hormones to totally different sorts of cancers. On this article, we are going to talk about what causes this ache and the way to doubtlessly deal with it.

What Causes Ache in Left Breast in Males?

 Women and men are each born with breast tissue and mammary glands. The event of those areas in males sometimes stops when boys hit puberty.

Nonetheless, due to the presence of those tissues, males are nonetheless in danger for situations affecting breast tissue. What causes ache beneath the left breast in males?

Usually, male breast ache could be attributed to an harm of some type.

However, there are instances the place it’s the signal of a bigger well being situation. Listed beneath are causes for ache within the left breast in males.

1. Breast fats necrosis

When breast tissue is badly broken the tissue can simply die somewhat than restore itself. When this occurs, a lump or a number of lumps can kind within the breast.

The pores and skin across the lump may seem purple or bruised. It could begin to look dimpled. This may trigger ache beneath the left breast in males. Breast fats necrosis is comparatively uncommon in males.

It may be recognized by a bodily examination accompanied by an ultrasound. It is a painless and noninvasive process.

2. Muscle pressure

For those who do a number of weightlifting, or your job entails heavy lifting, you might be in danger for muscle pressure. That is an harm to the pectoralis main or pectoralis minor.

They’re the 2 most important muscular tissues within the chest. The tendons that connect these muscular tissues to bones are additionally liable to strains or tears. Sharp breast ache in males from muscle pressure is the signal of a extreme pressure or tear.

This may be recognized from the signs of chest and arm ache, weak point, doable deformity of the affected chest and arm. 

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three. Breast most cancers

Preliminary signs of male breast most cancers typically embrace adjustments within the pores and skin or a lump, however not ache. Nonetheless, ache within the breast can develop. Pores and skin puckering or dimpling is widespread.

There may be redness and generally discharge from the nipple. This may trigger sharp breast ache in males.

Your physician might order a mammogram to raised consider a suspicious lump or ache within the breast. An ultrasound and MRI may be useful.

four. Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a situation that happens when there’s an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. It ends in an overgrowth of breast tissue in younger and grownup males.

It could make them really feel self-conscious, however it might additionally trigger male breast ache.

5. Runner’s nipple

It’s not unusual for males to develop irritated or bloody nipples from jogging. Simply as friction over different areas of the physique may cause discomfort, friction over the nipples may end up in ache and bleeding.

This normally will end in a boring ache beneath the left breast in males.

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The best way to Deal with Ache in Left Breast in Males?

Now that we all know what causes ache beneath left breast males, we will correctly deal with it. For those who or somebody you understand is affected by ache in left breast in males, then you might be most likely questioning the way to deal with male breast ache.

There are a number of the way that you could deal with ache in left breast in males with out having to go to the physician’s workplace. A lot of the gadgets could be bought at your native grocery retailer.

You’ll want to seek the advice of along with your physician about any allergic reactions you’ll have earlier than starting any at house remedy.

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If the ache doesn’t subside after remedy, be sure you seek the advice of along with your doctor as this can be the results of an underlying well being situation. Listed beneath are a number of methods for the way to deal with male breast ache.

1. Ice pack

ice pack

Ache in left breast in males could be alleviated with one thing so simple as an ice pack. the chilly temperature will numb the tender space in addition to cut back swelling and ache.

Place just a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap it with a washcloth. Apply this ice pack to the affected space for about 10 minutes. Repeat just a few instances a day till you are feeling higher.

2. Self-massage

Self-massaging the breasts will assist cut back irritation in addition to enhance blood circulation. This can assist keep wholesome breast tissues and extra vitamins will attain the breasts to forestall ache and tenderness.

If you end up within the bathe, cleaning soap the affected breast after which gently therapeutic massage them for a couple of minutes from the middle of your chest out to your armpits. This may occasionally assist with any ache on left facet beneath breast.

three. Night primrose oil

Primrose essential oil

Probably the greatest therapies for breast ache is night primrose oil. This oil comprises the lively ingredient gamolenic acid (GCA), a type of fatty acid that helps the physique reply properly to hormonal adjustments.

This, in flip, eases breast tenderness and ache. Apply night primrose oil externally in your breasts and therapeutic massage gently for a couple of minutes.

four. Castor oil

Castor oil

Castor oil comprises ricinoleic acid, which has analgesic and anti inflammatory properties that tremendously assist relieve breast ache.

It additionally will increase circulation, in order that vitamins attain the cells, and waste merchandise and inflammatory elements are faraway from the physique. Combine 1 tablespoon of castor oil with 2 tablespoons of any lighter oil, equivalent to olive oil.


Ache in left breast in males could be attributable to any variety of various things. Normally, that is from a minor harm and is ready to be handled simply from house.

If you’re experiencing ache on the left facet beneath the breast and it doesn’t subside, you must search medical consideration.

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