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Windows 11 release date, ISO download, Concept and Updates

Here you can find all details about all Windows 11 functions and find out which function is included in which version. Windows 11 seeks to unify continuity and compatibility with new Web integration and modern apps. Even if that does not work quite well , there has never been more Windows . The Windows 11 hybrid system is a bold and pragmatic answer to a whole range of challenges: With Windows 11 and Windows RT, Microsoft has launched a system for tablets and smartphones, as well as a web-based system with Windows Store and cloud connectivity and, moreover, the due successor to Windows 7. But Microsoft risks some breaks, which do not inspire every desktop user.

The following table shows how Windows 11, Windows 11 Pro, and Windows RT differ in functionality. Clicking on the respective function takes you to an article in which you will learn everything about this function. Home, Taskbar, Apps - everyone knows the standard features of Windows 11 . In addition to the well-known features, there are plenty of hidden features. Or did you know, for example, that Windows can also be operated hands-free or that apps can be restarted without much clicking? We show the best hidden features that every Windows user should know. Let's start with the freehand mode. The only exists for the recipe app , but that's where it makes sense. Because when cooking, the hands are sometime glued so that you would like to touch mouse, keyboard or touch screen.You do not have to, because you only have to move your hand in front of the camera to page forward or backward. Other apps also offer hidden features. For example, OneDrive. This will not only scour the cloud , but also the local files of the computer. And in the chic tile look with big icons and buttons - a welcome alternative to the dusty Explorer. You can find more app secrets in the photo show, such as how to completely restart apps without a lot of clicking or quickly find the apps that take up the most storage space on the hard drive .

Barely known Windows 11 features

Usually you have to decide: either desktop or tile surface. Both are possible in parallel. If you drag the desktop down and then to the right edge of the desktop, you can place a tile app next to it and arrange both worlds next to each other . Also hardly known is the picture frame function of the lock screen. As soon as the slideshow option is activated in the PC settings and the picture folder is selected, the lock screen is animated by a colorful slide show. Speaking of pictures: Screenshots can be saved with a trick directly as a file. Instead of just putting the screen in the clipboard with the [Print] key, Windows saves the screenshots directly as a file using the key combination [Windows key] + [Print]. The finished screenshots will land in the folder "Pictures | Screenshots". Or would you like to send screenshots directly by e-mail. This is lightning fast with the hidden sharing function for screenshots.

Hidden desktop features

With the tile surface, Microsoft has made no friends. Many leave the tile start page on the left and work with the classic desktop. Good thing that you can save yourself with the right configuration and the additional click on the desktop icon and boot directly into the desktop. Anyone who does not use the tiles anyway can also use the Modern UI interface to create a start menu for apps. When pressing the [Windows key], a luxury start menu will appear including a useful sorting function. For more details go to this Website